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Email Series: Clarity

Here is a super simple principle.  Full disclosure I struggle sometimes with this one myself so it is something that you must do everyday. So here it is:
To be clear is to be kind and to be kind is to be clear.
This is something that seems to be so obvious after you talk about it but so many struggle with it myself included.  If we do not clearly define our goals or dreams how can we be mad when we do not achieve them?  if we give a task to a friend, an employee, or a spouse how can we be upset when it is not done the exact way we want it?  This also goes for a leader discussing a issue with a team member, you must be very clear as to what was the problem and have a clear solution to the problem.  By avoiding the situation you are not doing anyone any favors. Sometimes this will be easier than other times but it always needs to be done.
So today make sure that you express your expectations clearly to anyone that you need to whether it is a spouse, friend, family, or team member. When we share open and honest problems we will connect on a deeper level with others.  Social connections (any human interaction) will ultimately be a deciding factor in how long we live!  (The Happiness Advantage) So go and form some deep, honest, kind, giving relationships.
I want to end this with a quote from Zig Ziglar ” If you always help other get what they want you will always get what you want.”
Have a great day Everyone!

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Email Series: Reflection

Something that I have not personally done on a regular basis is Reflection.  I am not talking about mediating and having this profound out of body experience (If you want to by all mean reflect this way)  I mean just taking a look at a week or month and simple ask yourself “What worked? what did not work?”
“What worked?” Do more of this!  figure out why it worked so well and see if you can apply this to any other areas of your life!  but keep it going!
“What did not work?” Obviously STOP doing this! But reflect on what happened, what caused this to happen, was it poor planning?  The main thing to learn from a failure is two things.  First view it in this way “First Attempt In Learning” (source: Nicholes Facebook!) but view it as a learning opportunity don’t dwell on it. Second is that you need to know you WILL fail more in life everyone does the better and quicker you get back up the faster you move towards SUCCESS!
When we reflect we are going to get more efficient in our lives and become more productive,  I like to use a planner for this because my time each day is SUPER valuable to me!
Hope you guys all have an awesome weekend!
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Email Series: Connection


This one will be super short. I want you all to think of one person that is in your life that has had a positive influence on you at any point. I want you to now acknowledge that person in a meaningful way that truly expresses your feelings for the impact that individual has had on you.
This will help invite more people that can help you reach your goals into your lives!
I want to acknowledge Nichole for the profound impact she has had on me and reminding me that expressing my feelings is not only a great thing but a necessary thing to any relationship. Without her I would truly not be the person I am today at all!
I love all you guys and I hope that you have a great day!  Enjoy this one! It should be fun and gratifying to you and the other person!

RESPOND to hostility, not REACT

So in this post I am going to copy an email that I wrote to another Franchisee.  To me it shows how you can choose to respond to a situation that I normally would have reacted to with the same energy.  But now I have realized that doing that would not SERVE myself, we must take care of ourselves before we can help others.

I hope that you all out there in the bloggisphere like this one.  I hope that we can all learn not to feed off of others energy and CHOOSE to RESPOND rather than to REACT in the same.  It was very fitting because I watched a video from Alida McDaniels last night that echoed how my response framed this principle.

” I am not sure exactly why you felt the need to call me cussing me out today.  I would appreciate it you could speak to me like an adult and actually tell me exactly what happened.  I get your upset by this but coming to me in such an unprofessional manner is totally unnecessary and unproductive.  You need to let me know what is going on so I can speak to my manager.  When I ask you not to speak to me in this manner and then you say Fuck you and hang up shows me that you are letting your emotions get the best of you.

When you are ready to talk in a calm way about this I can listen but I am not here if you feel the need to speak to me in such a juvenile manner.  We have not had any issues and I do not see why this should have been handled in this way.  I am positive that my manager would not say that about one of your managers but to a customer seems even crazier, that’s why I asked you if you got their name.
I hope that we can discuss this like adults, and I would love to get this issue settled.  We need to work together not against each other man I have nothing but love for you guys,  I have always helped you guys out.”
Be sure to remember RESPOND do not REACT!  I hope that you have gotten some value from this exchange!

#1 Struggle

The hardest thing to do in a business is employee buy-in and engagement.

Everyday I come to work I think about how to have each and every team member buy into my vision for the company and the culture I am cultivating.  A lot of this boils down to the right person or the wrong person, sometimes it is the right person wrong POSITION! and some the culture is not a fit.

Cultivating a culture within a Franchise system is not an easy thing to do but it is totally possible! We have a lot of things that we use to streamline and keep consistency from location to location, but keeping the culture is up to me and our managing partners.  We are constantly thinking and coming up with new ways to have them involved in our processes.  Even with all of this we still have to focused on this day in and day out but when you get the formula right its awesome or when someone just clicks with it.

I have begun to only focus on the positives in my business and it has transformed myself and my interaction with our teams!  This is one of the single best ways to cultivate a great culture in a business, it shifts you from looking for the things our teams do wrong and moves us to see ALL the positives that each person brings to the table.  Plus this translates into life and changes your outlooks on all situations!

Patience and positivity takes you so far in business and remember that it is a marathon not a sprint!



First Post! 

This is my first post EVER! I am always in search of the everlasting journey to joy! I hope you will come with me on this search. One thing that keeps being introduced into my life is gratitude, so I will include some gratitude as my daily practice. 

I am truly grateful for the journey both my wife Nichole and I have embarked on with nutrition, professions, family, health and life!
I am a franchise owner of Jersey Mikes Subs, as of this post we have two locations with another 3-4 in the works for the next 13 months. We have been doing franchises for the last 6 years opened 9 stores between 2 brands. 

 I have become a personal growth junkie now and this blog will be all encompassing between professional and personal and will help document my life. I have big things that are coming and this platform will help share what is going on in my life to the world. 

Also just shaved my facial hair so you will see that grow back in the next few days!

I hope you will join me on my journey!